Has anyone dealt with blood pressure that spikes throughout the day my blood pressure goes from normal to really high then back to normal .. I’ve noticed it’s worse around my menstrual cycle in which I get my migraines as well. The cardiologist says I’m fine . Ran ekg and echo and found nothing. Gave me bp meds to take but it tends to make me tired and at times light headed and drops my baby too low.. I’m a bit over weight but not terribly. Just don’t understand what’s making it spike and drop all of the sudden and hopefully solve the issues and get off these medications.

Elevated blood pressure reading without diagnosis of hypertension

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  • michelle93


    mine done that also have you had your potassium checked? also talk with your cardiologist about a holter monitor, im wearing one for two weeks right now and also on a potassium pill for 10 days and ive noticed a huge difference

  • Glorrilla


    I do some fish oil try to relax breathing exercises and some ginseng I have looked for natural cures but not much for blood pressure

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