Help on intrusive, upsetting thoughts?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Niz


    I've really been struggling with this myself. I've seen a lot of things saying that you have to remember the brain just says things, accept that it said it, allow it to happen, and allow it to pass. Understanding that just because the thought happened doesn't make it true. Doesn't give it live. And doesn't bring it into the world. It just exists.

  • Kato


    Therapy. But if you can't afford that, try to sit with those thoughts, understand where they're coming from and know them for what they are. Intrusive and not your own. ❤️

  • Skittles22


    Something you could learn, which is extremely difficult, is to challenge those thoughts. Tell yourself "Stop, this isn't true." Then tell yourself why it isn't true. Reinforce with a positive thought.

  • Green_Goblin


    Acknowledge that the thought is there, think about what it's telling you, and challenge it with logic rationale. It's hard to do bc some intrusive thoughts are really scary, but remember that you are in control of yourself. Hope you stay safe friend!

  • Jellibean_Lover


    I’ve started using the “what is” texhnique. Everytime I have an intrusive thought (mine are usually “what ifs”) I respond with “what is” Example: what if they didn’t answer because they hate me What is: it’s late at night on a weeknight and they work early the next day. I hope this makes sense / helps!

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