My BPD symptoms have significantly reduced after DBT and removing negative relationships from my life. Is it possible to no longer meet the criteria ? Do I still say “yes I have BPD” ?


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • dream6284


    It's like depression.... even when you don't have it at the time, it's still a condition you have

  • weird1


    DBT graduate here! Your brain has actually been rewired, and tho you've learned to manage, it doesn't mean those thoughts or episodes won't creep in, if triggered somehow. It's like diabetics...

  • Pusheenlover


    You will always have BPD because that is how brains are wired, but!! it does sound like DBT worked it’s magic!! If you have changed your habits and automatic thoughts then you’re working through your disorder more than battling it. I hope so much for a day I can relate to this post

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