I feel horrible when I tell people about why I have PTSD and they cry. I at this point am numb to it. Anybody else?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • BanderSnail


    Yep, happened with a therapist once and I had to switch therapists after that because it made me so uncomfortable

  • arthoe99


    Yup, I tend to be way to open about my trauma and mental health because it is just "life" to me

  • fun


    ^that’s happened to me with a therapist too and it was a yikes moment because i then felt guilty and like i didn’t want to hurt anybody. it’s so easy to be desensitized to it. at this point it’s sent me into a cycle (that i’m trying to break now) where i just dont share ANYTHING because the things that are semi big deals to me are like these horrible things to a lot of people in my life and i dont want to overwhelm anybody

  • Sadako


    My boyfriend wants to understand but I'm afraid he'll just get angry like my friends are about it. It's too overwhelming for me to handle because I can't change my environment holding grudges for me doesn't benefit me in anyway as if trying to remind me I should be mad at my family for what they've done to me- Though living like that isn't functional when I'm stuck living with them playing a political game.

  • Rosita


    IzzyRae, Don’t feel horrible. It’s not your fault. Trauma is horrible and unless someone is heartless,a therapist or evil I don’t think anyone that hears your story would be able to hear without crying.

  • Odessa


    my fiance tells me that he may not understand the ptsd, that I have but he's always there if I need someone to just listen. With it life is hard because allot of people have, advice but allot of there advice doesn't help. Hearing him tell me he's there to listen, helps allot but I wish I could talk to someone who has been through the pain I have

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