What do you do when the person you’re with and have given you’re all to suddenly decides you aren’t worth it anymore?


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  • Bre19


    I realize that it wasn't meant to be it will hurt a lot but in the end they are losing you as well I always like to do self care after something like this because self love is more important than being loved by someone else as you only have yourself for your entire life

  • Asteroidrose


    I take time.. I take a lot of time to myself. without isolating. because it's not that you're not worth it.. it's purely them. your beautiful chaos shouldn't reflect on the way they see you.

  • Teeyra


    I went through exactly this. I thought I had found my soulmate, and then he broke up with me. And thankfully what it gave me was clarity. The clarity I needed to understand that he was not what I needed, or wanted.. Maybe that's what you need to see. If they have made the conscious decision to live without you. Maybe it means it's time for you to live without them.

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