I kept going to the doctor for digestive issues. Nothing was found. Then finally I went to the gynecologist to replace my iud. Turns out My fibroid tumors (which were the reason I got an iud) had grown and a hysterectomy was recommended. I’m relieved that the issue was diagnosed but I am scared about the surgery. I would love to speak to someone that has been through it.

Uterine Fibroids

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  • BadKittyNoSushi


    Curios as to what kind of digestive symptoms you had? I've been having heartburn like issues and what feels like gastritis and sometimes fairly severe abdominal bloating and pressure. I found out I have fibroids several years ago but at that time they were small. I just had another ultrasound today and I'm nervous that they have gotten bigger. I hope everything goes well for you!

    • Lexi0719


      I have same problem bloating, heartburn n fibroid I would do the hysterectomy unless you don’t want children, just remove the fibroids, the docts always push it bc sometimes they reoccur

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