Anyone here have chronic migraines (often PMS related) and PMDD? Im asking because I would appreciate your recommendation to find the best birth control IUD or pill regimen that will regulate my hormones while not making my migraines worse.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

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  • kittykat378


    I did not do well with estrogen birth controls. I got on Mirena iud in ~2015 and then again this past March. Although at first painful it really levels me out and takes away migraines. If you have found estrogen birth controls to be helpful in the past I would go with those however.

    • Boopykins


      thats helpful thank you for sharing. I tried an estrogen one 10 years ago and it seemed to make my migraines worse. So im wondering if a progestin one would help?

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