honestly how do yall deal with the crippling loneliness. it feels like i would do anything to not feel alone and i feel like its ruining some relationships i have. no longer have a fp and since then ive just felt empty.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • ar0311


    To be honest I kinda suck at it..but I try to force myself to do something even if I have no mental energy to. I've tried just painting or drawing or even just scribbling without worrying if it will look nice. I usually end up zoning out and that helps for a while.. I feel like it's just important to distract yourself with whatever is around you. Treat yourself how you would want to treat a friend who isn't feeling well because you deserve to feel comfort even when it feels like all is lost.. Remember that all you can do is try again tomorrow. You never know what will happen. I hope this is comforting somewhat. I hope you feel better and are staying safe <3

  • DegenerateFrog


    I watch a lot YouTube videos or Twitch streams, I feel less lonely if I have something playing in the background but if I need to actually talk to someone I'll go on discord as I don't actually really have to worry what they think about me

  • strawbby


    idk honestly its harder sometimes than others. just be kind to yourself the same way you wish someone was treating you.

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