I feel like I have nobody to truly talk to or confide in much nowadays. The one true friend I have is usually busy, and I don’t get to see him often. We text everyday, but he’s been busy and not as responsive here lately. I feel like there’s nobody I can express my negative feelings to, nobody I can spend my time with and feel truly connected to. I’m alone 99% of the time, and when I’m not alone, I’m with people I feel little to no true connection to. I have a pretty blessed life, from a material standpoint. I have a functioning and reliable car, enough food to eat, water, access to hygiene, even access to financial assistance from family. I just hate the feeling of not being understood or not mattering much to anyone. I also worry that I’m gonna be a failure and become a burden on others, such as family and my one friend, if I haven’t already.


Low Mood

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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