Lower left ribcage pain. Anxiety? or something I need to watch for a potential Docter visit?

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  • NiiTA


    I have that too. This is actually a symptom that I thought was so bizarre lol

    • Katharina


      yeah it makes no sense unless it’s like refereed pain

  • Alyssa_m


    I get that when I haven’t eaten, maybe it has to do with that?

  • Zoey_Val


    Oo I get this too and it’s never been serious for me and usually goes away after a while I’ve noticed I get it when I have trapped gas lol but it’s always totally scary!! Could also be from sitting or working for long periods of time in a crouched or different position? If you have other symptoms with it then I would see a doctor just to be sure!

  • SmileySnail


    I get that when I'm hungry sometime, otherwise for me it's either gas or a cramp in between my ribs in the little interstitial muscles. Shouldn't be serious, of course this is just anecdotal

  • Katharina


    How about after being to Charopratic?

  • SBelleC


    It happens really commonly for pretty much everyone. Stretch to the opposite side and take a breath. Make sure you're stretching your ribcage. It helps most of the time

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