my throat has been randomly hurting on and off for a few weeks now,is this normal with acid reflux. i’m avoiding spicy foods and carbonated drinks but i wake up with bad stomach aches and after i eat. What should i do?

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  • ZappyRacc


    Yup. Welcome to one of the worst clubs. It's cause the acid wears at your throat over time, especially laying down when you sleep. Find your triggers. Not common triggers, yours. Booze and grease are worse for mine compared to, say, chocolate and tomatoes, but all are hard on it to varying degrees. A journal might help. Avoid eating much 2 hours before you go to bed, and only drink to thirst. And when you sleep, lay on your left side propped up as much as you can with pillows, or sleep sitting back in a chair. That has to do with gravity. Also important is pressure. Loose clothing is your friend. Belts are not. Do not sleep on your belly if you can avoid it. Hope this helps.

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