this is hard to say but i need advice. my dad's sister abused me when i was a child. i was in the shower and she came in and did bad things, and it left me traumatized. i haven't seen her so often ever since my mom and dad broke up. i only saw her when i went to visit my grandmother, my dad's mom. my grandmother died in 2018 and i haven't seen my dad's sister since. i've never told anyone about what she did to me. now i'm 16 and now she wants to be back in the lives of me and my brother. i really want to tell someone because i don't wanna see her but i don't know. my mom's side of the family who i live with have this motto it goes like "family is family no matter what happens" and whenever i talk about my mom physically abusing me, they always say "it wasn't that bad" or "she's still your mom", so if i tell them i think they'd say something like that. i have a therapist but i think she considers me to be dramatic and i haven't known her for so long (only 5 months) so i don't know how comfortable i am with talking about it. plus, if i tell, what if they want to put my dad's sister in jail? even if i do hate her, jail is an awful place i wouldn't want my family member to be in, and also, i don't wanna do a trial or anything. i don't know. i've watched too much Law and order Svu yet i don't know how accurate that show is and i'm nervous. i don't wanna make a big deal. should i talk to my therapist about it or should i just keep it to myself?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Onyxxx


    The ‘family is family’ excuse is bullshit, especially if they’ve done irreversible damage to you. You don’t owe your dad’s sister anything. Not after what she’s done to you as an adult when you were a just a kid :(

  • sho


    Yes you should..I was also sexual abuse and I never talked about it and now I'm angry and have anxiety ...talking someone can help you not to feel alone or sad ..stay positive

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