ello! i have been off meds and out of therapy since quarantine started (i was unable to continue services).
i have been struggling a lot with my mental health as of late, and have been considering returning to therapy. but the thought of having to make calls and set up appointments for myself is extremely stressful.
any advice for reaching out for help?

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    I am with you! I have a referral for therapy but I haven’t called yet. I was thinking that maybe it would be easier for me to just walk in there one day instead of having to call. And lots of places, you can make appointments online so you could definitely check to see if that is an option for you (if you haven’t already)! And it might help to remember that wherever you go for therapy and/or meds, they are probably specifically for mental health services (or will be nice because they are a healthcare service)! Sorry if none of that helps but just remember that you aren’t alone!

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    Yeah this is such an issue!!! I got into therapy through my university for free, but if the program hadn’t basically fallen into my lap and only required one email I never would have went. It’s so worth it though (if part of your problem is not being sure it is worth the effort). I sounds more like an executive dysfunction issue. If that is the case I would schedule a 2h block that you’ll set aside to look into this in a few days. Just 2h regardless of how much you get done. Start off the 2h by writing a list with as much detail for every step you should do to help stay in track. Then see what happens. Having a set planned time to do it might give your brain the space it needs to jump on board.

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