my anxiety was so up today, i couldn’t bring myself to go to class even though i had something important to do. i hate it. i feel so guilty bc i let some ppl down by not showing up. i was just mute so i couldn’t really talk or bring myself to text.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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    Ik how u feel my senior year of high school I had to move so I was going to a school with ppl I didn’t kno, which I shoulda been used to cus I had been moving around my whole life my dads in the military,, but that year I actually almost didn’t graduate cus my anxiety was so bad, I would have bad panic attacks nd would have to leave class nd freak out in the bathroom then call my mom to have me check myself out, sumtimes I wouldn’t even be able to leave the drive way, when I did make it to the school parking lot I would stay in my car and be an hour or two late or just drive back home, all the other seniors got to leave early nd not come to school for the rest of the year but I hadda stay cus I was so behind nd now I do college online I was so scared to back to an actual school.. but try to push it threw take sum time to leave the class for a sec if u need to or before u go, tell it it’s not gonna get the best of u and that it doesn’t hold power over u. fight it,, literally, imagine it as a monster give it a name nd kill that b!tch lol, but do grounding techniques or breath work. Or listen to calming music, binaural beats or even just ur fav songs.

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