People with MG is shortness of breath a common symptom for you? Does it feel like you’re not getting enough air even though your oxygen levels are fine? Im starting to think this isn’t asthma since my inhalers don’t help.


Myasthenia Gravis (MG)


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  • Jimjr


    Not so much, just tired, vision gets worse the more tired I get.

  • Jimjr


    Also walking is hard and starting to slur my words.

  • Tobybeau


    If you know anything about MG you know that it deals with your involuntary muscles, so your breathing can be affected, I have a Hard times swallowing, breathing, seeing and now I have severe pain in my hip and back

  • TaylorCZ


    Hi! I often get shortness of breath when I walk or do simple tasks such as doing the dishes or making my bed. When this happens, I have to lie down and rest until I feel better.

  • Emmma


    I kept complaining of this over and over, my doctors said it wasn’t weakness from the MG but POTS and diagnosed me with that.

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