Other than meds, are there other treatments that might help me?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • groomingmomma


    For me meeting with my therapist once a week, just gives me a way to get out those things I just don't want to put on a friend or family. I look forward to that release.

  • Trudy


    If you’re in a depressed episode, I might recommend ECT. It’s totally daunting because it’s so intense and seemingly old-fashioned but it worked for me — it didn’t necessarily cure me, but it lifted my mood.

  • Mosey


    My therapist is sending me to different clinic to try DBT therapy so maybe look into that. My mom told her therapist about it and she said it’s really good for people with borderline and/or bipolar and that she highly recommends it. I’m actually looking forward to it.

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