I think Lamictal (400mg) gives me brain fog and need a medication to counter it that isnt Keppra or Trokendi. Any thoughts? I’ve heard wellbutrin helps but I can’t get a diagnosis or even a therapy session for illnesses I know I have because of my schedule. I smoke 🍃 but the brain fog has been ongoing for a long time. I brought it up with my neurologist and he told me to sleep better like he has been for several years.



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  • strugglebus


    I've heard from many people that sleep does help people with epilepsy, as well as from other epileptics (off this app). I take lamotrigine (the generic for Lamictal), I don't know if I have brain fog from it. I tend to have many left over side effects from Keppra so it is hard to tell

  • magdalenx


    @strugglebus keppra is the devil

  • Hale


    seconded. keppra sucks. as does depakote.

  • 420strongCece


    Cbd isread of kepppra all the way

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