Please be gentle and kind to me, but does anyone else self sabotage when it comes to taking their psych medications? I know how important it is to take these medications and I'm aware of the dangers it can cause to skip doses but for some reason I can't get myself to take my dang meds even though I know they help me tremendously! I don't know if it's the side effects that are making me reluctant to take them or the severe lack of motivation to fill up my pill box (or both). I have been on a boat load of medications since I was 15 and I think I am getting mentally exhausted of taking pills even though I realize just how dependent I am on these medications for my physical and mental well being. I am practically begging for advice or suggestions at this point. I can't keep putting myself into depressive and manic episodes anymore.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Feathers


    I've gone through many "f*ck these meds!" moments but I've learned I need them now. Maybe you haven't found the right ones?

    • poodlelover28


      I know that I'm going to be making a medication adjustment because of the side effects but for a while I felt like I had found the perfect concoction for me. I'm definitely scared to try new meds but the side effects are starting to make me depressed, which is pretty contradictory if you ask me lol. I'm just scared I'll never regain motivation. As happy as I would feel, motivation was always still a struggle for me on these meds, so maybe you're right because I feel like it shouldn't be that way. Even in my happiest state, I had no motivation to keep my room tidy, no motivation to clean my house, and no motivation to do things that I once had interest in. I'm not sure if that's the unmedicated ADHD (still trying to find a psychiatrist to prescribe me medication for that), or if the meds weren't working.

  • livvie361


    Reading this just reminded me to take mine, I'm a little late with it being almost 11am

  • SecretFrog


    I’ve made it a point to take mine when I get out of bed. Don’t ask me to remember afternoon meds though, Jesus.

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