So I want to ask a coworker of mine to hang outside of work because I have like no friends and I enjoy talking to her a lot, and I think we'd make good friends. we're both LGBTQ and have similar interests. but I'm so afraid of rejection and her secretly hating me and making the work environment so weird. I hate making friends. can anyone relate?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • DuckieSwift


    this is so valid. what’s something in common that you both like to do? maybe you can casually throw it out in a conversation and see if she responds positively to it.

    • Cece7


      id definitely try that route first. Or ask if they’d be interested in grabbing cup of coffee or going for a hike or something to talk about something you both are interested in.

  • bomb


    I can totally relate

  • alyssa999


    yes definitely. worst thing she can do is say no, go for it !

  • Bariplayer800


    I really relate to that. Its scary always thinking that you'll be rejected but thinking about it only makes it worse. I think you should definitely ask to hang out and get to know eachother better!

  • crocodellie


    You're all so sweet thanks for all the words of encouragement!

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