it's 3:35pm and I'm currently forcing myself to eat for the first time today, and it's dunkin. I can't even cook a meal for myself


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  • vickielove


    Been there I fight that every morning I just force myself to eat mind over matter

  • BadLuckBrian


    It’s hard not to feel guilty for getting fast food, but I’d much rather you pay for fast food than not eat at all. Period. If you can’t cook a meal, at least you ate dunkin. It doesn’t feel like an accomplishment, but it is. It wasn’t easy but you did it… If you can’t stand there and scrub the dishes, run the dishwasher twice instead. Do what you can do on that specific day. I’ve dealt with this food issue, too, so I know it sucks.

  • Kid


    ^^^i agree with brian. I’m so glad you ate. Even if it wasn’t up to your standard or what you expected. I know how that feels. Often when I’m depressed and start to struggle with taking care of myself, I get frustrated that I can’t go back to my normal pace immediately. But I have to stop and think, if I haven’t had the energy to take care of basic hygiene, and I haven’t showered in a few days is it really possibly for me to do an entire skincare regimen, wash my hair, shave, exfoliate, etc.? Is it realistic to get out of a depressive episode and automatically be perfect again? Absolutely not. So I start small. A normal shower, no crazy skincare. Then the next day I use one product, and start slowly regressing back into my normal regimens day by day. Baby steps. The important thing is you took the first step and ate. Slowly ease yourself back into cooking again, meal prepping could also be beneficial

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