has anyone tried isometric exercises especially if u have fibro and or CFS/ME
how was your experience?

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  • CoffeeAndDogs


    I worked with a wonderful Physical Therapist in regards to my Fibro pain (I do also have CFS). We found isometric exercises tended to be some of the only things I could tolerate at all. I worked with her for about 3 years. It was extremely challenging but I definitely feel like it made a huge difference over time. Along with it we dove into ergonomics a lot as well. I have a tendency to hold tension in my neck and shoulders. As well as using my low back and hips for stability. Our work focused on strengthening my core and body position alignment as well as releasing tension and pain around my joints. It took a lot of trial and effort to find my range of tolerance so I wouldn't cause a flare up. Start small and listen to your body. While I still have pain, I have a lot more body awareness to address pain flare ups and my body feels stronger and more stable.

    • bookbikecat


      thank you so much for sharing, this is more encouragement than I've had in years i just wanna feel stronger!

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