Hi! I was diagnosed with Pudendal Neuralgia about 2 years ago. I often grieve my “before” life that was pain-free and so much simpler. I’m desperate to take my health & my life back, but I need to rid myself of this chronic pain first! I’ve tried pelvic PT for about 18 months now, mindfulness, the curable app for pain management, and CBD but none give me the sustainable, long-term results I need to get back to living life again. I am thinking about other options at this point- trigger point injections, PRP injections, or SoLa laser therapy. Has anyone had any luck with any of these treatments? Thanks son much for any feedback!

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  • Belugabear


    I love trigger point injections! If you also have pelvic floor dysfunction Botox is great too. I really want to try SoLa so if it works for you let me know!

    • fryegirl81


      thanks so much for this! Yes, I also have PFD (hypertonic pelvic floor.) Can I ask, about how many weeks/months of relief you get after the injections? I’m strongly considering SoLa at some point soon(ish) because the feedback so far is INCREDIBLE. I’ll definitely update if I try it! (Just wish it was insurance covered 💸💸💸)

      • Belugabear


        yep I also have a hypertonic pelvic floor! I haven’t had much relief yet, maybe a couple weeks, but we are doubling my dosage to see if that does it! I’m also having it injected abdominally e because I have a lot of lower abdominal pain and trigger point injections help! My PN is pretty mild but a pudendal nerve block totally got rid of the PN pain for a bit! And it was done at the same time as Botox!

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