Super new to this app, but I thought I’d ask: Do you all ever wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a train? More specifically, like your ribcage is too stiff/sore to expand properly? It take me an hour of laying in bed to get to the point where I can breath properly and I have no idea why this happen 😭. I’m assuming it’s just another EDS thing, but who knows!

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  • CozyGoth


    Hi! I’m also new to this app! 💕 Now I don’t think I feel THAT bad but I do often wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus! I feel stiffness and pain ache along my back, spine, shoulders, and rib cage. It could be an EDS thing given that there’s a lot of connective tissue in your chest and back! Idk if you’re a stuffed animal or big pillow person but try moving some stuff around to help support your body while you’re sleeping! Maybe you’ll find a spot that helps reduce the stiffness! If you do let me know cuz I haven’t figured it out 😂💜

    • Ashen.Ember


      I definitely need to invest in more pillows! I have a heated blanket that I roll up into a body pillow and set to low heat which is amazing- I just need to find the damn thing 😂. My concern is that my rib pain comes from my husband hugging me at night! It’s so comforting and honestly helps my back not feel like its made out of “free range vertebrae”, but I wonder if my ribs are protesting it 😆. Oh! One more thing! So, this is gonna sounds *so* weird, but I noticed something when looking back at my journal of “shit that hurt on this day”. On the rare occasion when I accidentally take my adhd medication before bed on accident, I wake up feeling AMAZING. No chest pain, my POTS is almost unnoticeable, and I sleep like a rock (yeah, stimulants apparently are really good at helping me sleep?). Also, I forgot to take my adhd meds until now so if this message makes no damn sense, apologies! Adhd and brain fog are a pain lol

      • CozyGoth


        That makes sense too! I know my boyfriend definitely becomes like dead weight sometimes and I have to push him off! But I also get overheated really easily so I tend to sleep away from him anyway! Maybe ask your husband to scooch really close to you but face the other way! That way his back becomes a support and he’s still close but his arms don’t crush you! Also that thing about your ADHD meds is really interesting! Maybe talk to your doctor about what aspect of your drug would help with that and see if there’s a medication you can take at night that would help!! Also I’m glad you remember your meds now PFFT 😂

  • CGC


    This happens to me in the mornings around my sternum! It’s like I can only make small movements until I’ve stretched it enough (with slow increasing breaths) otherwise it’s sharp excruciating pain. I can sometime slightly massage it while breathing to speed up the process. Hang in there!! ❤️

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