Hello! I struggle with extreme trauma responses and it’s seriously affecting my relationships. I have emotional outbursts (anger, panic, etc.) and panic attacks and I’m having difficulty stopping them before they happen. I unintentionally lash out (never physically) when triggered and I keep hurting my loved ones. When my responses are triggered I feel like a cornered wild animal and it feels impossible to calm down. I can never figure out how to pause before I react to things and it feels like I’m being taken over. Does anyone have any ideas or experience in soothing these responses and catching yourself before outbursts and attacks?

Irritability and Anger

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  • MarissaH


    I have this as well, idk how to manage it either

  • Vixly


    I get like this sometimes. I’ve found it’s different for everyone, some people will listen to music, shower, or spend time alone. I personally like music and being alone for a bit. A good blanket, music and a corner really makes me calm down. I just have to be away from other people or it doesn’t help.

  • moxietoxic


    It's really hard to do sometimes but breathing exercises really do work. When you slow down your breathing, it helps to calm down that extreme emotion. It physically helps your body calm down too. I have bipolar and get extreme mood swings and episodes too.

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