does anyone else feel hurt when someone makes plans with you then decides to cancel last minute for no reason at all..?

and later on.. they go off with others and do things with them and forget about you like you didn't even exist.

I'm probably just being selfish but.. things like this hurt me very badly and it's hard controlling such a painful feelings like this..

or its probably just me since I have really sensitive feelings.. or it could be my jealousy getting the best of me again.. idk..

GOD society sucks, both online and offline.


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  • k8lynt


    Ik the feeling. Friends shouldn't do that! I am rigid in my schedule if I have plans, I stick to them unless absolutely necessary. Hopefully, your friends absolutely had to cancel and should set a time to make up for that.

  • Jomanji


    You're right to feel that way, I think anyone would be hurt if someone did that.

  • luckyducky


    I've had it happen like that. I'm sorry and wish I had advice. I don't try to be sociable anymore. I've been burned too many times. Even within my family. It's just not worth it to get my hopes up.

  • deadpool333


    I've has this happen to me multiple times. After awhile I started focusing on myself and friends kinda just feel into place.

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