hi, so, once again, I didn't know what to select but um, the topic has caused me depression so I just selected that.
trigger warning though for $exual assault hints.
so, since I was young I've had many experiences online and it just stopped last year, for good, I hope. (I'm 15) and it's all been online and never in person. but once in a while I'll get sorta flashes like texts of what happened or remembering what happened. sometimes I can't sit a certain way without a break down because it feels $exual. I was I guess just wondering if that's valid? I don't know if it counts as trauma or anything and if it's valid or anything. I never hear of other people having the same experiences and so I was just wondering if it's valid and stuff.


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  • trail_happy


    Yes it’s valid. Your symptoms and feelings are always valid here. Whatever happened still caused trauma even if it was online, and whoever disagrees can catch these hands. ❤️

  • PinkPupButt


    10000% valid, triggers can be anything. it can be directly linked back to the traumatic event or have nothing to do with it at all (as far as we can tell). never let anyone tell you otherwise either, if you can/want/need to I'd suggest talking to a therapist/counselor about this, I've been through some similar things myself and talking to someone you trust (especially someone who legally can't/won't talk about it to others) can be really freeing. you may not feel like it but you are so very brave and strong for reaching out like this, I may not know you but I am very proud of you.

  • hashtaghopie


    Everyone is right. You're valid and I'm not a therapist but yes, I would say what you're experiencing is a part of trauma. I'm so sorry that happened to you. No one deserves that.

  • Rvbbish


    I agree. Almost everyone’s experiences with anything can be valid since everything can be so circumstantial. Anything that “triggers” a negative reaction out of you, especially a very large negative reaction, is totally valid to be upset about or have trauma around. You’ll always probably have people trying to give you their two cents about it, but at the end of the day no one knows you better then yourself, and if something is upsetting or hurting or stems from any type of trauma you’ve experienced you have the right to feel how u feel. I’m sorry you had to go through that and just know that we all appreciate you sharing with us.

  • stormithegay


    @rvbbish, I would love to see a therapist or something but my mom always come up with excuses, I'm going too as soon as possible though

  • ecargnah13


    i have also had some experiences online that have caused me much anxiety and depression. i don’t know how else to feel sometimes but confused and blank. i completely understand what you mean

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