Does anyone else find being cold painful?

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  • Lorita


    Yes! I prefer hot weather a lot more than cold. I feel better in the summer. But in my office they cool too much even in the summer so I come with sweaters... In the winter I lose a lot of workdays … Anyone else?

  • Vicky30


    I do.. Before winter was the most beautiful time of the year and now I hate it and am only waiting for it to pass. At first I though I was imagining it but my doctor told me that a possible explanation could be extra nerve fibers in FM patients, pass on a lot more sensory information regarding pain and temperature. Has anyone been thinking about moving to warmer places? I'm strongly considering it

  • wanderer


    I lived in the North Carolina mountains. During the winter months I had a hard time functioning. We moved to PCB and I am now only bad with fronts and hurricanes.

  • BirdNerd


    I find being cold or hot painful/nauseating. There's a very small "Goldilocks zone" where the temperature doesn't hurt me.

  • Vicky30


    BirdNerd, have you found a way to deal with it?

  • BirdNerd


    Unfortunately, no. The only thing I can do is stay where the temperature is comfortable. That mainly consists of staying indoors as much as possible and having reusable heat packs with me during the winter months.

  • Vici2


    Vicky30 this is exactly what my doctor said too! Cold air flares up my symptoms so I’m trying to avoid being cold by not going out in very cold days, not travel to very cold areas and to take a warm sweater to everywhere I go 🥶

  • EllieBellie


    I didn't realize it for a while but cold does make my symptoms worse. Sadly I'm also the worst about zoning out and not realizing how cold I get... thankfully my loved ones have started to notice this and will throw a blanket on me if I sit still too long or wrap me in towels fresh from the dryer

  • Chargie


    Yes but I'm allergic to the cold 🙈

  • BuggyBee


    Yep, it makes me joints ache like crazy

  • MamaBlues


    Yes..with this Fibromyalgia, it hurts every day!!😥

  • Halflife2theFullest


    Cold hurts with fibro, and hot weather will make me pass out. I use an Artic Cool vest to keep me cool on really hot days when I have to be outside. I live in the North Georgia Mountains after first living in South Georgia. I can go outside on most days of the summer here but find that I generally flare on the hottest days and the coldest. I keep my bedroom 68 degrees all the time. It's my Happy Goldilocks zone.

  • Quinee


    Yes! Completely! During the winter, I suffer from long flares of pain. I try to turn on a heater in the house and dress well before I go out. Other than that, I always walk around with a warm pillow at home, helping me keep warm easily :)

  • muckmuck


    Oh. My. Gosh. YES!

  • Fibroteacher1107


    Yes. It goes straight to my bones.

  • horselover1937



  • jb


    I do better in spring and fall too hot or too cold I don't function well...

  • MrsSteele1


    Excruciating!!! Too hot isn't good either so Im screwed either way ☺️

  • Raven76


    Yes, being too cold ( winter) & too hot ( humidity especially) has a terrible effect on my fibro! It affects my entire body and goes thru my bones.

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