I'm so done. I'm done with everything. I thought I had a friend who valued me the way I valued her, but I did nothing but hurt her and apparently unintentionally manipulate her and she hasn't thought of me as her best friend in a long time. All I do is hurt people. What's the point in having friends. All that comes from friends is eventual heartbreak when someone else comes along or when they bottle things up and don't tell you you've hurt them and I just hurt people and no matter how good the friendship seems it eventually comes to an end. I'm done. No one needs me or legitimately wants me around other than the dogs so I'm done needing others and wanting others around too. I'm sick of valuing people so highly while they don't value me the same. I'll keep the friends I have but when they eventually leave like the one who I thought was my best friend, then I'm done searching for more. Screw it all.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Kittykatg8


    I feel your pain. I've had so many people and so many instances similar. The people who are truly your friends and have your best interests at heart WILL stick there for you. Those who don't are probably better off out of your life anyway. It's really hard especially when you think you've given everything and you feel alone. But trust me, everything happens for a reason and the best thing to try to do is to think on the positives and invest your time, energy, and love into something else. Something like a new friend or a pet or even a project.

  • justyourlocalcryptid


    different circumstances but I developed a similar mindset with friends and eventually family. so I’ve been here and…please don’t isolate yourself. please don’t pull away from people, it only makes things worse. it’s unbearable and it eats away at you. we can’t help needing or wanting people, you’ll only be denying yourself basic human connection. in my case, social anxiety took over my life and I spent years isolating myself from people. truly, it only heightens everything you’re feeling. I get what it’s like to hate yourself, trust me. I don’t know how things happened the way they did with your friend. but I get how it feels to value and trust only to have it fall apart. you deserve to connect with others and you deserve friendship. keep fighting.

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