okay so I started taking sertraline today and I am shaking bad and I am hallucinating a bit (everything keeps turning red) is this normal?

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  • Serenamoon


    I would suggest someone taking you to urgent care or the ER. You may need to get off the medication most likely or lower the dosage. I hope your doing ok soon.

  • SmolSnacc


    Hey there. Pharmacy tech and taker of sertraline, what MG did they start you on? And are you on anything else?

  • wise


    sounds like you need to lower your dose. I had the same issues when I first started, but they went away after I cut my dose in half. if you're also not sleeping, cut your pills NOW and THEN go to an ER to make sure you don't have serotonin syndrome

  • Mars_lavender


    hey, i take 50 mg everyday. i had to slowly work my way up to 50 and im still gonna bump it up soon. i think you should start small and work your way up based off of others saying you have too high of a dosage

  • El.00


    My dosage is 25mg a day

    • wise


      that's the typical starting dose and what I started at, I had to cut it in half down to 12.5mg. I was straight up hallucinating after not sleeping for nearly a week and couldn't stop shaking, so my mom made sure it wasn't an extended release pill and started cutting it in half. I was fine after like three days lol, but I would advise calling your prescribing physician before changing your meds if at all possible

  • JanL


    Call your doctor asap or go the er/urgent care!

  • amomynoussquirrel


    I didn't experience anything like that. I hope you are feeling better now!

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