hi! I just got this app. I have DVT, am pregnant with my second, and run a small farm.


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

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  • Nikki717


    Hi! I know how scary that is. Please make sure they keep you on treatment for at least 6 months and even after that make sure they double check that it’s gone completely. I had my son in 2012.. and found out I had a DVT, I went on treatment for it but never double checked it was gone and just assumed because my leg wasn’t in excruciating pain that it was gone. About 2016 I found it it was not completely gone and now is hardened and I will be on lovenox for life. Not to scare you because treatment can totally get rid of it. But just want you to be aware. ❤️

  • ClayBrooks


    Hi! I'm 18 and I got DVT in my shoulder 3 times in a row within a year when I was 13-14 damaging my veins lots in the area, the last one also hardened. I now have chronic swelling and chronic nerve pain as the clot is pressing against a nerve cluster, often can't feel half my hand and always in pain. I'm on warfarin. What is it like dealing with yours? Any advice.

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