Anyone else get burnt out taking Cromolyn 4x a day? Sometimes I try to take a break but then I start to get itchy and get a rash anytime things get a tiny bit stressful. How do you have the stamina to keep it up? Sometimes it feels endless.

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  • Saillea


    Oh no doubt!!! And add in the not being able to eat for so long before/after a dose....I feel like I'm constantly chasing down that exact right moment to take it. It's nothing short of a chore but not taking it means my throat swells and the itching is unbearable. Has anyone been on cromolyn and got switched to a better option??? IS there another option???

    • moldsurvivor


      i used to take chromolyn last year and my experience was a lot like both of you’ve described and eventually I found that it didn’t help much so I stopped. now I’m taking montelukast and i found it to be much better with no side effects. but what helped me the most was these tibetan foot soaks. it sounds counterintuitive to use heat to treat MCAS but i cannot recommend it enough!! i had such bad heat intolerance before using it and now i can fully regulate temperature and i’m doing way better now!!

  • Kashmir01


    i used to take cromolyn before we found out i’m allergic lol but i have POTS so i drink a LOT of water everyday. it’s how i got it in during a 12 hour day. set some timers and you should remember pretty easily :)

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