I honestly don’t know how to get better. I got better for a few months and exercised everyday and was living a healthy lifestyle and now I’m back to where I started and now I just feel hopeless.


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  • Cococat


    I feel this. It’s like you’re doing so good and slowly it stops and it feels impossible to get going and feel good again. I’m constantly going up and down. But just accomplishing one goal a day can help so much

  • Bmanlittle


    I totally understand I got to a better place and then I started injuring myself again. It may seem like such a horrible place to be, but it just makes you stronger and will help you in the long run of getting over the things that haunt you. I found having a journal to write down your feelings and why you do/think of the things you do can help to know what triggers you or puts you down.

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