I don't know who can relate to this but ever since my last break up, I keep getting the urge to check my ex's socials or sometimes even unblock them on everything and message them. I've been very good at controlling these urges, but recently they've been bothering me a lot more.
Literally just a few minutes ago I heard a snippet of our song and now I feel like I'm having a panic attack. I'm so tired of constantly distracting myself. I wish I could just already forget about them.

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Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • David1212


    Hi, this is a very common problem. after my ex and I broke up I was a bit obsessed with her, what she is doing, where she spends time, with whom, and does she think about me the way I think about her. Those thoughts would escalate when I would drink alcohol and then I would find myself texting her. I think what helped me the most was simply time. As time went by I became less and less interested in her until I found someone new and then my interest in her dropped completely. Don't be hard on yourself, time takes its toll.

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