i don’t know how i am going to continue to be happy once the weather changes. i’ve had the best summer of my entire life and i’ve spent so much of my time outside. what can i do to cope with it getting colder outside so as not to kill my happiness completely?

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  • OwlFae


    I know there's like... Sun lamps?? I think that's what they're called? They're used in treatment of S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) if I'm remembering correctly.

  • Saturn_grey


    As cheesey as it may sound, a hobby that you really enjoy and can do inside can be very helpful. Like knitting, art, crafts, or gaming for example. Maybe even some game nights with others inside of you can, and make it more of like a party with snacks!

  • Crescent_Moon


    I totally can get that. I'm a similar way when it comes to colder weather. I think trying to do as many cozy things like maybe with tea/hot chocolate, maybe a fire if you have access to that, and read a book/watch a good tv show. Also, taking a hot bath or shower can be nice. Either way though, the struggle is definitely real for sure.

  • ina


    i use a sunlamp, 10,000 lux. and i take vitamin d supplements. it sucks when it's dark out all the time but being grateful for fall/winter things helps. colorful leaves, sweaters, hot drinks, baking, fireplace, blankets, etc.

  • ChloeMae


    Same thing happens to me too. I wanna live somewhere warm!! To cope I’ll sometimes go in the tanning bed (not a very safe coping method so don’t do it too much)

  • YanyLaurel


    This is kind of random but I always find ASMR comforting. You could look up the channels on YT: Gentle Whispering or Goodnight Moon. There are tons out there though

  • AugustPoppy


    This is going to sound bizarre but have you thought about a little terrium? My mom kept my lizard after I moved out because not only does she have a uv light for her and the plants but it's also a good way to stay in rhythm having to turn the lamp on every morning and off at night. I personally love isopods (rolly pollies) and other litte inverts just to look at and ground myself.

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