greetings! im kelpy (but i have a few names) and i use he/hym/nir pronouns (he/him/his hy/hym/hys ne/nis/nir, i use a couple more but those are my main ones) im autistic and chronically ill (chronic constipation mostly) and have chronic pain (gi pain, chronic migraines and really had period pain mostly) im nineteen and queer (xenogender, polyamorous, aspec lesbian) and im hoping to find friends who are of similar age and similar conditions and identities as me! if you wanna try to talk and see if we'd be good friends or not please message me (as am not always on here since the background is so bright it gives me headaches and the notification center on here makes me overwhelmed)

Chronic Migraine

Chronic Pain


Chronic Constipation

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Chronic Pain


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