I don’t know what’s a panic attack or something else going on……I’m so scared

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  • Stephy31


    A panic attack can feel very scary. You can feel like your losing control. Heart races. Sweat. Dizzy. Fear of losing control. Thinking your going crazy. Even thinking your going to die. Anxiety attack is very similar but I've experienced with that is hard time breathing. Either way they are scary. But the more you understand this. The less scary they become. These are the main symptoms. It also doesn't mean you will experience each one. Could just be 2 out of 4. Deep breaths. Cold water slows down the heart rate. And yes I know it can be hard to try and take a deep breath. Remember nothing serious is happening as awful as if may feel. Get distracted. Call someone to talk. Think of something funny. Tell yourself this isn't real and let it pass. I have so much experience. Please take my advice.

  • Nitapooh



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