Can’t tell if this is MCAS getting triggered or possibly gastroparesis (or maybe both):

When I start to eat I feel immediately full. Definitely with high histamine foods or when I’m bad when I break my diet - but it’s even with things like freshly cooked chicken. I feel like I’m forcing myself to eat on a full stomach and I get nauseous. It also feels like eating a heavy rich dish even when it’s something relatively light (ex. Chicken air fried with light seasoning, plain rice) Sometimes even if I hadn’t eaten all day I will feel so full and actually regurgitate into my throat - so I think that’s related to gastroparesis but still in the process of finding a new doctor. Sometimes, though, I’ll feel like I’m starving and my, uh… system is empty… but then still feel full/nauseous after a bite or two. Random times - mostly with light fresh foods like veggies and fruits - I can eat a full portion and feel fine. I’ve been pretty much stagnant since December thanks to my conditions and recent ankle surgery and I still managed to drop ~30lbs so something isn’t right - some was muscle atrophy, but not 30lbs worth lol this was surgery #9 since 2016 I didn’t have much muscle anyways and I lost all my pandemic fluff and then some. I can’t figure out what to try to help because I can’t tell what the actual issue is 🤣 I know we aren’t doctors here but some input would be helpful to give my research some direction!

My allergist pretty much emailed me I had MCAS with a beef, wheat, egg, and banana allergy in November 2021 - 4 months after my blood tests were done - and then he promptly retired. So I’m on my own for now as I search for a new doctor. I’ve also recently visited an ENT and ruled out thyroid issues.

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