Hi, I am diagnosed with social anxiety and have had it my whole life. I just want to be more extroverted and free from worrying what people think of me. Although I have learned some ways to cope, I am curious about other people's experiences with coping mechanisms or medication. What helps your anxiety the most effectively? I would like to try medications if I can find one that will be less likely to have side effects. It is hard to find because there seems a risk of side effects for almost everything out there. I would appreciate any info about what medication works best.

Social Anxiety


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  • Jenna13


    Different psychiatrists will have different opinions on what works best for you, and the same medications don’t help everyone. I’ve found therapy to be more helpful specifically for social anxiety

  • Jewelz


    Hi, I can relate. My anxiety makes it so hard to connect with others and be confident in myself. I tried a bunch of different medicines before and I know they help some people but they actually made things worse for me. Terrible nightmares, tons of weight gain, increased anxiety, increased depression, etc. I tried buspar, hydroxyzine, cymbalta, Zoloft, lexapro, and more. I honestly wish I hadn’t tried them at all because the bad dreams and the weight gain has stayed even though I’ve been off of the different medicines for months and months. I guess I’m just saying to be careful and write down your different symptoms and try and find what works for you. And definitely invest your time in therapy as much as you can to work on it.

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