For people who have lost someone close to you, can I ask when it gets easier? I lost my best friend in January and am struggling to cope in a healthy way. I've just been distracting myself with work and other people in my life honestly I'm still struggling to process the fact that he's really gone.


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  • Luciel


    It takes a while, a long while. My big brother passed in 2020, before covid hit and just recently did I stop crying over what had happened. But then I had to remember, in august 2021 I finally got the help I needed. It happens eventually, just have people around you that you love and don’t try to rush your grief process ever.

  • jammor


    My little brother passed 7/16/2015 and everyday is hard. It will lessen when you are ready. It will take time and you should do the same. Self reflect and you will heal bit by bit

  • Ecxlipsegal


    it doesn’t get easier, especially if it’s a best friend. i wouldn’t know, but i can’t imagine losing my best friend 🥺 but i lost my grandma 1/30/2017 to suicide and i still grieve to this day. one thing i’ve learned is you don’t get over it, you learn to live with it for the rest of your life ❤️‍🩹

  • KitKat723


    The way i like to describe grief is like a ball bouncing around in a box, and sometimes it his a button that makes you feel grief. The ball starts off huge, it hits the grief button constantly, but over time it gets smaller and hit it less often, but it still hurts the same. It might be awhile until that button isn't hit so much that it's hard to function, it took me a few months to get out of that difficult stage, but i promise you it's worth it. The way i cope is i live life in my best friends memory, remembering the good they did and spread that to others. It's what they would have wanted for me and sure your friend would want you to be happy too. Take your time, it's okay to feel it, just know that life will be okay again, even if you carry the grief forever. I hope that makes sense and helps at all ❤️

  • purple_clarity


    It never gets easier hun. It just gets less harder to deal with as time passes. There's been a lot of deaths in both my husbands family and mine since 2016. Both of his parents passed in 2016. Our sister in law passed in 2018. My grandma passed in 2019. His youngest daughter passed in 2020. His aunt passed in February. My husband still has yet to grieve his parents. He took all of his siblings grief onto himself fore he thinks he's got to carry all of their grief on his shoulders. He's the youngest of 4. My heart reaches out to you sweetie because I know what it's like to be VERY close to someone that I've lost.

  • Jenni_Star


    My best friend suddenly died in June of 2019, it’s started getting a little lighter to bear in the last few months. There were many deaths that year, it was horrible and traumatic and I’m sure the compilation of a dozen individuals I knew and cared about dying that same year made it even harder. However, I’d never had an actual, mutual best friend before and her passing away shook me to my core. Up until August, I still messaged her periodically just in case it was all a misunderstanding. Just in case…

  • BanderSnail


    I lost my best friend in 2017. At first the best I could do was distract myself as much as possible. It was a long time before I was ready to heal. Therapy helped. Journaling a lot helped. Talking about it to others helped. But there's still days when I cry because I miss them, and that's okay

  • Knelle199


    I have lost so many people in my life. I lost my nonna, I lost my exgirlfriend, I lost two of my closest friends, and just a little over a month ago lost my mother....the pain will always stick but eventually you will learn to live with it and live life despite the grief being there. I hate having to go through it all over it again especially that the person that passed recently was my own mother but...I know she’d want me to keep going on and being happy....and I am sure the person(s) you lost in your life would want the same....hang in there. If you ever wanna talk I am here and relate a lot.

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