:( my arthritis and fibro gets so much worse when i'm in anxious situations, and i'm so tired cause it's been months of me not being in a comfortable living space. i have roommates in my college dorm and they stress me tf out, but i can't appeal my housing contract because my doctor doesn't think i have a genuine medical reason. she said "what happens when someone doesn't like you at work in the future?" like that's my job not my HOME. :(

i'm hopefully moving out with my boyfriend anyways though. even if i don't get my housing contract appealed, i'm still not staying there. it just kinda hurt that my doctor didn't take the time to understand me. i 100% understand she didn't want to put her medical license on the line, it just kinda sucks that that's the situation :(

idk <3

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  • JustRachelle


    I don’t think it’s fair that she compared work and home! Your home is suppose to be your place of peace.. if they are stressing you there you shouldn’t be there! That’s sooo wrong 😞😞

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