Hi! So, I have restless leg syndrome. I was wondering if there is a way to control it more. I was also wondering if feeling a pulse in my stomach is related to it


Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

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  • Kayla612


    Magnesium helps me. I talk liquid calm before bed and also have a magnesium lotion I rid on my legs. My legs are also worse if I’m cold,so I often sleep with a heating pad on my legs.

    • heartvalais


      have you tried a weighted blanket on the legs? I am wondering if it works.

  • nemrac


    I have rls and I guess I'm the opposite when they are bad at night and I can't sleep I need my legs super cold then they feel good

  • Janeyangel


    I have restless leg syndrome and take a magnesium supplement and ropinerole. A regular 30 minute walk daily seems to help and it’s worse if I don’t exercise

  • cobbo93


    I take Ropinirole and my.partner massages my legs before I go sleep for 10xmins

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