*So sorry this is a long one*

I feel like I am crazy, I went to the ER two weeks ago due to some abdominal pain/cramping, they told me I have NAFLD and heartburn.
Said everything else looked fine, I changed my diet and I did see some improvement. The discomfort seems to come and go, but the diarrhea is still there. I've also been slightly fatigued and nauseous, loss of appetite too.

I was so concerned I reached out to my online Dr service twice. I was told by one that I have gastritis and the second that I have a bacterial infection. I have only completed two days worth of antibiotics but started to panic. So I went back to the ER tonight, explained my situation and symptoms, they did a CT scan this time and more blood work.

The CT scan showed everything to be fine. He said everything either looked unremarkable or within normal range. Even my liver...He saw no abnormalities, gastritis, or diverticulitis. I feel like I am going insane.


Colon Cancer


Gastritis, Duodenitis (Not Infectious)

Nausea and Vomiting


Diverticulitis of colon

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD)

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  • bubblebea


    I have also been under an immense amount of stress and have been struggling with my anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

  • ProfessorPlum


    Sorry you are going through this. I can relate very much with having mystery symptoms that doctors don't seem to care to figure out. This is just a shot in the dark, but one thought I had after reading your post was a possible food allergy? Maybe dairy or gluten or something else?

  • bubblebea


    I honestly hadn't thought of a food allergy. It almost seemed to get worse when I changed my diet. I also thought it could be due to the stress, anxiety, and depression. I see a GI mid May, literally 4 weeks away but there is nothing sooner as of now. I have thought IBS, or something similar, unfortunately scared myself into thinking I have colon cancer.

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