Hey y’all, I have a question.
Has anyone here been in a relationship before? I wanted to know if… being indecisive about when to ‘make moves’ or what ‘move’ is the right one - is normal for people with ADHD and ADD

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Hamburger


    Definitely. For me personally, the impulsivity and masking ability has helped me get closer to romantic interests but then comes the actual responsibility and then boredom and crash and burn and guilt and cry and forget and repeat. Depends on how much anxiety you have on top of it I guess.

  • Columbus


    It’s normal for all people not just for adhd people. I get anxious every time I want to start a conversation with a girl I like

  • Deni


    One thing I can say is don’t rush it. Ease into it. Maybe them if they want to see a movie/go bowling/ go to eat or something. Do that a few times And after you get to know them and you see they are putting in the same energy you are, take things a bit farther. Like for example if y’all are watching a movie, put your arm around them and ask if that’s okay or inch your hand closer to there’s. And if you develop real feelings for them, more than a crush. Tell them

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