Currently hurting and healing from a toxic relationship and rediscovering myself on this new journey. anyone relate?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • minka


    yes! im learning to stick up for myself and to voice my discomforts and triggers more. it’s very hard since i’m quite introverted but self discovery has been such a beautiful journey for me. 💗🦋🌎

  • Yuka


    Me too ❤️

  • Sylvia26


    I can totally relate to this. I am 26 and I was in a toxic relationship recently, my first one I been in actually. In the beginning it was so perfect but then it turned for the worse. He would talk to me in a nasty way that was threatening where as in the beginning he would compliment me a lot saying that I was amazing! He was somewhat controlling too. I don’t put up with controlling people or dictators. I love having this freedom to do whatever I want to do! It was hard to stand up for myself and leave as I really thought it would go back to how perfect it used to be. I would often shut down from my parents when they would ask me questions about my relationship or I would say I’m doing ok when really I was not. I will never repress my negative emotions. Repressing emotions is awful as it builds up like a volcano getting ready to erupt! I will always speak my mind about my discomforts and concerns. I spent 2 years living with him. But now that I have found my voice I am a happier and a stronger person now. I never want to be in an awful situation like this again!! I love having the freedom and self discovery is a wonderful journey 😊💕

  • Elytra


    Me ✋ I left my 9 year relationship last year and all I've been doing the last year is recovering from the burnout the trauma has given me. He basically took my child from me and I can't really do anything to get him back yet until I'm more mentally and physically stable, I have a heart condition and a lot of anxiety and depression to work through. I'm making progress but it's slow, and Ive had to learn to be kind to myself and figure out who I wanted to be now that I don't have my ex dictating my life

  • History.and.cats


    I've been there before. It is hard but you'll get there. And keep your standards high because you deserve better

  • killakam


    I have done this before and I'm finding myself in the process of doing it again. I know what your going thru and it's so tough. But the feeling when ur on the otherside of it is u describable.

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