What is your approach to reduce negative impact of foraminostenosis? I have pain in both legs and butt muscles, can’t run properly and my feet might get less sensitive.

The issue is on L4/L5 and L5/S1.

I was told to excersise which I started. But what else can be done?

Spinal Stenosis

acute lethargy

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  • malixg


    Do whatever you can to put happiness and positivity into your life. Whether it be music, movies, tv, writing,... I find my pain gets worse when I'm feeling bad, especially tired, sad... I'm in a position where at this time no doctors can help me. I'm in between needing surgery and sticking to physical therapy. I also, when pain gets too bad, use delta 8 or cannabis if I have to. I'm allergic l, so I try not too. But even if that doesn't work I head to the ER for shots of pain medication.

  • malixg


    Oh, I do a little upper body weight lifting and focus on the ab muscles because they hold up your spine.

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