I have not been feeling so good I have been feeling irritable and I snapped at a church secretary because she asked why I wanted to cancel my appointment. I just feel like no one understands what I am going through I tried talking to my pastor about how I have been missing work because of my depression and he made a comment we don't normally help people who feel sad. I just wish that he understood that there is a difference between sad and depressed. I am starting to do things that I have never done before and I feel the same way I felt when I first got diagnosed with depression. I just don't know what to do to stop feeling this way.


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  • SourLemons


    hey, i'm sorry church has been so dismissive and hurtful against you. that's not how a church should be to a member who's really hurting and is actively seeking help. i go to a church, too; if you want to vent about your experiences feel free to reach out to me. you're valid to feel frustrated and to want someone who understands. i think the whole world is experiencing some of that nowadays. i don't know your whole situation, but i might suggest looking for support and resources elsewhere. you deserve the help you need. you are worth it, and you are strong for pushing through up to now. cheering for you from afar ♡

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