Does anybody else with BPD have a really hard time remembering that other people have emotions, or that people are feeling something completely different than you?? I have such a hard comprehending that... ofc I'm not mean to people, I just kinda forget that other people than me feel


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • ghostbaby


    yeah us borderlines get so mixed up in our own overwhelming emotions all the time that we sometimes forget we’re not the only person going through it

  • Snow_owl


    That’s literally one of the hardest things we go through, we have a hard time comprehending emotions from others, it takes a lot of effort to get to the point where we see everyone else as equals

  • crys


    Yes and same I also have a bad habit of trying to take care of everyone including my husband I remind myself, out load, that's he an adult as I'm frantically leaving my house trying to make everything perfect before I leave.. for him Like, he's an adult. I don't know if that'd be helpful for you to do. It might be helpful for me to remind myself that people are other people Hmm. You gave me a good idea 💡🙂 thanks 🙏🏻 namaste ✌🏻💕☺️

  • BorderlineBrain


    This happens to me a lot in crisis situations. When a friend comes to me with an issue or they are upset I can be said to be rude or harsh or distant bc in my mind the situation is an easy fix or not a big deal etc and I don't quite get way they are upset in the first place

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