hi, i'm 22 and i feel like i'm not making any progress in managing my asthma. i was diagnosed sometime last year. my pcp thinks its only exercise induced so she gave me a rescue inhaler. i seen a pulmonologist and all my tests were normal so he just told me to double my antacid and my pcp gave me a different antacid that ended up making me violently ill. they blamed GERD for my symptoms. when that didnt work he put me on 2 long term asthma meds that i had a bad reaction to immediately. eventually i just got a rescue inhaler cause my symptoms were "mild" and "exercise induced". Which before this my symptoms were mild to moderate. when my symptoms suddenly got really bad they were more often moderate. recently i had an attack that was really severe and my worst one yet. my insurance doesnt cover albuterol anymore and my inhaler is freshly empty. i think i need to see the pulmonologist too to try long term meds again. i'm scared and i'm overwhelmed. words of advice and compassion would be so appreciated.




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  • Mynt


    wow. i know this was like a month ago but i hope everything went well with your pulmonoligist if you went. best of luck to you

  • uriboo


    i hope youve got some things figured out! ive recently been experiencing increased asthma problems and had to change my inhaler 3x this year alone. for me its believed it may be ms related but we are still testing that route. sending all the love!

  • vanouri


    Depending on the rescue inhaler, they may have a generic that's cheaper. You can also use GoodRX for free, they'll give you coupons that reduce that price further.

  • Janie


    I take Montelukast (Singulair) for my allergy induced asthma and I have an albuterol rescue inhaler. I also use a Wixela inhaler in the morning and at night.

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