Would like to know if there are better ways to treat this other than medications

Scleroderma (Crest Syndrome)

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  • Overcomer


    Interesting questions but I don't know nor think so but it would be good to Google alternative treatments

  • witchynurse


    medication is super important, but studies show that turmeric can help as it reduces inflammation. my labs have come back with reduced inflammation after taking turmeric supplements for a while. make sure it is safe to take with any medications that you take. its easy to look up drug herb interactions on webmd



    I have been taking CBD for 7 years and found it helps me Beware of snake oils and get it from a reputable retailer they are very knowledgeable about the different strains. I live in FL and cannabis stores are available

  • TokingRainbow


    I take turemic plus I smoke pot. My medication for my scleroderma is Plaquenil. My scleroderma attacks my digestive track & kidneys.

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