Feeling like such a burden, especially to my non-chronically-challenged S.O.
Sometimes feel alone and know others are out there, so I'm giving this a try!

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Keisha


    i hope you find the support you need on here! ❤️

  • CaitieBug


    It's honestly so difficult to even explain the pain to a SO if they don't experience it.

  • Chesbro99


    I have a hard time with this too. My SO are helpful and do a lot. It's just nice to know other people get it too

  • dolphinblues


    It is hard enough as it is. But when SO and other family members don't understand, it's even harder. We are here for you! 🫂 💜

  • qveenofthecastles


    You are never alone, message me if you need!

  • ReUnique


    Yes, I'm starting to feel like a burden also.

  • Walking_Library


    It’s really hard to be chronically ill and fight your battles semi alone or completely alone when your SO is not chronically ill. It makes life very lonely despite being in a relationship.

  • Brittany.Sharp


    I feel the same way! I know I'm a burden, I can not work and can barely take care of the house. My husband is so wonderful but I worry I'm dragging him down.

  • MatchaBunn


    I definitely relate! Although me and my partner share some similarities in our conditions, I still have trouble feeling like I can contribute/be present as much as he does. There’s such a big feeling related to relying on others versus being able to handle everything on your own. It’s awesome that you were able to sit with these feelings and seek out connection! Having people who understand what you are dealing with is so important.

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